Writing, Proofreading & Design

Your brand’s highest positive perception is limited by your lowest quality communication.

Key Assets

Reach Your Audience


Tell inspiring stories to the right audiences in perfect English.


Design narrative web content on themes chosen for business goals.


Remove bias and correct mistakes while perfecting the brand voice.

Brand Identity

Tell a unified story through your messaging and graphic design.


Inspire action through short videos that support written copy.


Support written assets with custom photography and shared vision.

Proofreading is the most important part of writing.

Typos are embarrassing. Mistakes are costly. Bias denigrates brand perception. Poor translations can push consumers away. Off-brand messaging blurs your story. Inconsistent formatting is unprofessional. In industries like aviation or medicine, errors can even be fatal.

Proofread every shred of published content.


Story Roadmap

Take a trip from your strategic objectives to the assets that fulfill them:

  1. Define business goals.
  2. Identify your audience.
  3. Choose the deliverables.
  4. Make a plan.
  5. Gather the data.
  6. Write the copy.
  7. Format the assets.
  8. Make any revisions.
  9. Proofread everything.
  10. Publish campaigns.
  11. Evaluate effectiveness.
  12. Pivot as needed.


What People Say

John Jones

John Jones


“It has been a real pleasure working with Josh over the years.

“He has always been very responsive and had a ‘can do’ approach to web designs. I have used him on a regular basis with all of our different websites and he delivers and adapts in a very professional way.

“In summary, he is reliable, professional and creative. Just what we need for web design and development.”

Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian

Professional Airshow Pilot

“Josh has an excellent understanding of marketing. He understood the purchasing habits of our customers and anticipated their needs. He helped create a welcoming online presence for our business.

“Josh is a caring and conscientious person, and he will be an asset to your business.”

Bethanee R. Syversen

Bethanee R. Syversen

Speaker, Author, Abolitionist, Mother

“Josh was incredible to work with. Although I had written my own book, I was having a hard time capturing a description. Josh beautifully articulated what I had been trying to type up for myself but had been unable to do.

“The version Josh wrote was very polished, poised, and beautifully articulated. I was very thankful to have worked with Josh.”



About Me

I Believe in Storytelling

Josh Smith

When effective writing and good design form a strong narrative, anything is possible.

Josh Smith

My love for writing began during my school days in the northeastern United States. My favorite teachers taught English. Writing was fun, and I loved the practice.

I studied aeronautical science and became a commercial pilot at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I never lost my love for writing. I minored in business administration, humanities, and international relations while working as a writing tutor.

After going on to become an A&P aircraft mechanic, I was picked up as Director of Marketing at one of Greater Boston’s best flight schools. I designed websites, helped build a premium brand, photographed student milestones, and managed social media.

A few years later, I moved to Atlanta and worked as an Associate Copywriter for a thriving business communication company. I was promoted to Senior Project Specialist and given responsibility for company marketing and the blog. Through the years, I designed entire brand narratives for my company and my clients by building website layouts and writing the copy. I designed and wrote many hard-copy assets as well.

I started Josh Smith Digital Design (JSDD) while learning a new language in the Middle East. I began adding original photos and videos to my writing to tell more complete stories customized for business goals.

I continue to serve clients across North America and around the world.


What story are you telling? Let’s tell it together.